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School uniform

Our School Uniform is important to us. It is one way in which we identify ourselves as a school family and it promotes a strong, cohesive school identity which supports high standards and expectations in all areas of school life.

It promotes harmony between all groups represented in the school, and it enhances security, assisting the school to identify individual pupils in order to maintain good order and enhance safeguarding procedures.

We no longer stock uniforms in the school.

You can order your school uniforms online from STEADY Schoolwear and uniform can be delivered to school at no extra charge.

If you do not have the facilities to do this you can come into school and we will help you to place your order and make payment.

If ordered in school your items will be delivered to school free of delivery charges. Please use the link below to find out more.

  • White shirts or white/ gold polo shirt
  • Green sweatshirt, cardigan or jumpers  (preferably with  school logo)
  • Black or grey skirts or pinafores (Knee length)
  • Black or grey tailored trousers (no fashion trousers such as leggings)
  • Green or yellow gingham dresses can be worn in the summer or grey or black culottes (Knee length)

  • White shirts or white/ gold polo shirt
  • Green sweatshirt  or jumpers  (preferably with  school logo)
  • Black or grey tailored trousers
  • Black or grey tailored, knee length shorts may be worn in the summer
PE & sports kit

Yellow T-shirt with Logo and Black Shorts with appropriate footwear.

No Jewellery Policy

For Health and safety reasons the school has a strict ‘No jewellery Policy’. This is strictly enforced and children will be asked to remove jewellery if found in school. If you wish for your child to have pierced ears please do so at the start of the summer holidays so that earrings are removed by the start of the Autumn term.

All uniform is available to order direct from the supplier:

“Bellfield is an outstanding school with staff that always go above and beyond for all their students. I am very proud to say my children attend and also to be part of the same academy.”

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“I think Bellfield gets it ‘just right’! The staff go above and beyond.”

Parent testimonials

“The school have been fantastic at supporting my child.”

Parent testimonials

“I am very happy that my child is a pupil at Bellfield. Bellfield has a really good reputation and it is well-earned and well-deserved.”

Parent testimonials

“The learning that my child receives is excellent. I cannot fault the teachers and staff.”

Parent testimonials

“The best decision we made was to send our children to Bellfield.”

Parent testimonials

“As a parent, I think this is an excellent school.”

Parent testimonials

“Both of my children have exceeded my expectations and more! The learning and respect at this school is outstanding.”

Parent testimonials

“We are very pleased with the school and the achievements that our children are making.”

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“The school productions are the best I have ever seen in any school: humour, sadness and talent are all on show – so entertaining!”

Parent testimonials