Music – Curriculum information


At Bellfield we want all children to have a passion for life-long learning. Our curriculum will enable pupils to discover their interests and open their eyes to future possibilities. We want all children to have the opportunity to learn an instrument, perform to an audience and feel confident to express themselves in a variety of ways.

We want to expose our children to a wide range of musical genres and we want our children to be able to talk about how this music makes them feel and why.

At Bellfield, it is important our children understand how to listen, sing, play, evaluate, analyse, and compose across a wide variety of historical periods, styles, traditions and musical genres.


Our music curriculum in our EYFS exposes children to a range of musical genres and gives them the opportunity to sing and play instruments. In FS1, our children learn and sing songs which have a melody and remember key nursery rhymes by practising on a regular basis. Within adult led sessions and our continuous provision, they have the opportunity to explore a range of percussion instruments

Our FS2 children follow the new English Model Music curriculum which provides a progressive approach to music through to Year 6.

Our music curriculum is set out in our long term plan and exposes children from our EYFS through to year 6 to a wide range of genres giving them the opportunity to dissect musical language and compositions, understand how it is made, played, appreciated and analysed.

At Bellfield, our medium term planning ensures that our children’s experiences are broad and knowledge is sequenced so that over time they build up an understanding and appreciation of a wide range of musical genres.

We have a bespoke service from the Hull Music Service who come and work with children from a range of year groups across the school to enhance and enrich our music curriculum. With this service, our staff are provided with high quality continuous professional development which ensures progressive teaching of the new English Music Model Curriculum to our children.


Whilst at Bellfield, we want to ensure our children have access to a wide and varied music curriculum which enables them to develop their musical abilities and interests.

Our curriculum is sequenced logically for the progressive development of musical skills – skills that are revisited and mastered over time.

We aim to not only teach our children skills to develop their abilities, but to empower children with a wide range of knowledge of different musical genres. Children will then be able to talk about the styles of music they enjoy and why.

We use formative and summative assessment throughout our music units to inform our planning sequence. Our assessment criteria for each year group accompanies our sequences of lessons to ensure seamless planning and delivery.

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