English – Curriculum information


At Bellfield we aim to provide opportunities for children to write in response to real texts, and in response to real-life experiences through talk for writing. Pupils are taught how to plan, edit and improve their writing. They are taught the language that they need to effectively evaluate their work, and that of others.

We want our children to develop an enthusiasm for literacy in all of its forms and give them confidence in both the oral and written word.

We believe a wide and varied vocabulary is important in writing and as such, we have introduced a Word of the Week to support children in this process across the curriculum.


Our writing sequences are based on the core principles of talk for writing. The genres covered are determined by our long term and medium term planning. This is to ensure a wide range of genres can be taught across our children’s learning journey here at Bellfield.

We begin our T4W journey in F1.

Our T4W journey continues throughout KS1 and KS2 all with a focus on vocabulary and purpose whilst generating a love and enthusiasm for writing.

Writing for Pleasure

We understand how important writing is here at Bellfield and that our children want to display their creativity. We want to build on that enthusiasm and that is why we have introduced writing for pleasure. Our children are given the opportunity to plan and write any style and piece of writing they feel inspired to.

Word of the Week

Following on from our belief in how important a wide and varied vocabulary is, we have created a Word of the Week plan. Each year group is given an overview of vocabulary which links to their current topic. Each new word is presented and taught to children every Monday afternoon. Our children are given the opportunity to think about the word and its meaning, the word class associated with the word, how to use the word correctly in a sentence and synonyms and antonyms associated with our word. Our children are then actively encouraged to include this wider vocabulary across their writing.


Our overall aim is for our pupils to write with a purpose and an understanding of how they can use the style of writing in their future. We strive for pupils to be independent writers with a life-long passion to write for pleasure. We believe that purposeful writing is important across all areas of our curriculum and as so, we provide opportunities for our children to apply and transfer their writing skills.

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