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At Bellfield we want all children to have a passion for life-long learning. Our curriculum will enable pupils to discover their interests and open their eyes to future possibilities. Thorough our design and technology lessons, we will provide an insight and an understanding of the process of how everyday objects and products are created for a wider market. Our design and technology curriculum has been designed to provide our children with an in-depth and progressive understanding of food, materials, textiles, electrical/electronics, construction and mechanics as well as the process of researching, designing, making, evaluating and improving.


Within our EYFS, pupils will have exposure to creating props, junk modelling and textiles. Our children will focus on a specific aspect of design and technology each term linked to their topic and will all have the opportunity to explore with a wide range of given materials.

In FS1, our children explore cutting by tearing and through their journey in FS2, they progress to using scissors to cut specific materials of their choosing.

To join materials, our FS1 children explore by using glue and selotpape in our continuous provision area which then progresses to our FS2 children joining to create a desired final product in their design and technology project.

In FS2, children use planks for construction and smaller objects to build a desired final junk modelling or prop. Our FS1 children use larger construction materials to build props and junk models.

All of our children across our EYFS have the opportunity to explore seasonal foods whilst our FS2 children have the opportunity to develop some measuring and making skills.

In Key Stage 1 and 2, Design and technology is taught throughout the year with a specific focus each term linked to our topic. Our long term planning gives an overview of the wide range of projects we undertake which are linked to our current topic. Children are given a design brief and taught how to master practical skills, to take inspiration form designs throughout history, to design, make, evaluate and improve their objects and products through a carefully planned sequence of lessons which are shown on our medium term plans.

The objects and products, which our children design and make, are then used in a practical setting so the children are able to test their product against their initial design brief.

Throughout the year, we host food weeks where each phase researches a different food and uses their skills to make, evaluate and improve their product.


Our children are able to talk clearly about the products which they have researched, designed and made. They can explain the process they have gone through in order to create their final product and are able to talk about its uses.

We want to inspire our children to think about the importance of researching, designing, making and evaluating products and how this will help them in their future. Our children are able to clearly talk about the skills they have developed and how this may help them in their future careers.

We use formative and summative assessment throughout our design and technology units to inform our planning sequence. Our assessment criteria for each year group accompanies our sequences of lessons to ensure seamless planning and delivery.

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