Our attendance target for all pupils is 96% and we have regular reward assemblies and incentives in school to promote good attendance.

In the event of a pupil’s absence from school, parents or carers are requested to telephone the school prior to the start of school on the first day of absence , by 9.30 am, with the reason for absence.

If no reason for absence is received, in line with our attendance policy and safeguarding procedures, the attendance officer will phone parents and a home visit may be made, if contact is unsuccessful.

If you need any support with any attendance issues, our attendance officer, Miss Parkinson and our EWB, Mrs Puckering are always available to talk to.

Further information:

Holidays in term time

Please consider the following:

While you are away for 1 week your child will miss approximately:

  • 5hours of maths
  • 5 hours of literacy
  • 10 hours of science, religious education, music, art, physical education, geography, history, design & technology and information technology

If your child has a holiday of 2 weeks during term time and has a 1 week period of sickness in one school year they will miss:

  • 15 hours of literacy
  • 15 hours of maths
  • 30 hours of learning other subjects

If this pattern were to be repeated throughout your child’s school life they would miss 36 weeks of their education!

One School Year = 39 school weeks!

Ask yourself – Can my child keep up with other children if they miss out on 60 hours of education a year?

Thinking of taking a holiday in term time? Please think again!

Please be aware that all holidays during term time are unauthorised un less ‘exceptional circumstances’ apply, as per the leave of absence form.

A leave of absence form must be completed for all requests. Any term time request of 5 days, equal to 10 school sessions or more, could be subject to a fine of £60 per parent per child, from the Local Authority.

‘My child is very happy at Bellfield and she has been taught well.’

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‘My child really enjoys coming to school and hates it when it’s weekends. She is coming on lots with her speech, reading and writing.’

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‘The environment looks great!.’

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