Performance Data

What are SATs?

SATs are statutory assessments carried out by all state schools. They assess how your child’s abilities compare nationally with other children in the same year group.

Your child will be assessed at Key Stage 1 (KS1) during Year 2, at age 7.

Further SATs testing takes place at Key Stage 2 (KS2), when your child will take part in National Curriculum tests in English, maths and the new grammar test at the end of Year 6 (usually age 11).

EYFS Early Learning Goals 2018/2019

2018 - 19 ReadingWritingMaths
Working Below ELG23%23%23%
Expected ELG (+)77%77%77%
Exceeding ELG19%16%16%

EYFS Good Level of Development 2018/2019

Cohort detailsGood Level of Development %
Whole class77%
Pupil premium50%

KS1 SATS Results 2018/2019 – Achieving Age Related Expectations

2018 - 19ReadingWritingMathsRWM Combined
Bellfield 84%78%81%75%

KS1 SATS Results 2018/2019 – Working at greater depth

2018-19ReadingWritingMathsRWM Combined
Bellfield 28%22%28%19%

KS2 SATS Results 2018/2019 – Achieving Age Related Expectations

2018 - 19ReadingWritingMathsGPSRWM Combined

KS2 SATS Results 2018/2019 – Higher Level of Attainment

2018 - 19ReadingWritingMathsGPSRWM Combined

Further information:

* For a pupil to achieve the expected standard in reading and maths they must achieve a scaled score of 100+ in the corresponding tests.

* For a pupil to be working at greater depth in reading and maths they must achieve a scaled score of 110+ in the corresponding tests.

The average scaled score at Bellfield Primary School for reading  is 106; (National was 105)

The average scaled score at Bellfield Primary School for maths  is 105; (National was 104)

The average scaled score at Bellfield Primary School for GPS  is 110; (National was 106)

* Average progress made in KS2

National average progress is always 0. Schools that make less progress receive a negative number rating, schools that make more progress receive a positive rating.

Average progress in reading +2.5
Average progress in writing +3.1
Average progress in maths  +0.5

Compare school performance:

Guidance and further information to help you analyse the data that the government  report in the school and college performance website.

Please click the link below to view our performance on the ‘compare school and college performance website:

“We are very pleased with the school and the achievements that our children are making.”

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“The learning that my child receives is excellent. I cannot fault the teachers and staff.”

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“I am very happy that my child is a pupil at Bellfield. Bellfield has a really good reputation and it is well-earned and well-deserved.”

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